Storing Firewood

A series of quick tips for getting the best results when storing your firewood.
Storing Firewood

Tips for storing firewood

Store wood in a well ventilate, covered location. A wood shed with an open side, preferably to the north, is best. If a woodshed is not available, wood stored in the open with a secured waterproof cover (e.g. a tarpaulin or corrugated iron) on top is the next best option.

If possible store firewood off the ground, on a pallet, layer of bricks, stone or plastic sheet to prevent moisture from being drawn up into the wood. This also reduces the number of insects getting into the wood-pile, minimizing the risk of being bitten. Wood stored in a criss-cross pattern allows for greater air circulation.

Firewood should never be placed against a house, as it allows a bridge for termites. In areas where bush fires are a risk, storing wood against a house is a dangerous practice.

If firewood has to be stored in the open, keep a few days supply under cover. Seasoned firewood wetted by rain will dry again within a few days.

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