Pick-up Firewood

Information about Bettaburn’s firewood pick-up service from our depot.

Fast, Easy and Fair

Betta Burn Firewood offers a fast and easy Pick-Up service from our depot at 785-811 Wallgrove Rd Horsley Park.

Conveniently located 2km from the M4 and M7 interchange, you will be able to drive in and drive out with as much or as little wood that you need quickly and easily. There’s no fuss or confusion, we have a Certified WEIGHBRIDGE and will issue a ticket with every load.

Grab a boot load or bring the trailer. Pick up means you get exactly what you want, and you will only pay for what you get. The process is FAST, EASY and FAIR.

Pick-up Benefits

Weigh In

We'll weigh your vehicle to get a base before loading

Load Up

Load your preferred firewood into your vehicle or trailer

Weigh Out

We'll weigh your vehicle now it's loaded and you can pay on exit

The Location

Bettaburn is located at 785 – 811 Wallgrove Rd, Horsley Park NSW, 2175 Australia.

Pick-up FAQs

Quick answers to your common questions for the Betta Burn Firewood pick-up facility and services.

Please see our current operating hours on the the contact page (as these change per season).

Get what you pay for, every time! Our full size (20m), approved, weighbridge is audited annually for accuracy by the Department of Fair Trading. This enables accurate measurement of any size load, every time!

We suggest you bring gloves for handling the firewood.

We accept EFTPOS and cash.