Buying Firewood

A series of tips for buying sustainable firewood in Australia and why…
buying firewood

To ensure you are getting the most from you firewood, you should always buy from a reputable merchant who complies with the national Code of Practice and is licensed by the Firewood Association of Australia Inc. to use its trade mark.

Order your winter wood early. To beat the rush, it can be wise to buy your wood in spring or early summer. Not only can you sometimes benefit from cheaper prices and reduced delivery lead-times during the off-season, but this also allows time for the wood to cure properly (moisture content should be less then 25%).

Tips for Buying sustainable firewood

  1. Choose your firewood supplier wisely. There are firewood suppliers who source their wood illegally, or who harvest their wood with no regard for environmental values. Their wood may be cheap, but it can also be of dubious quality, inadequately seasoned and inaccurately measured.
  2. Buying from a firewood merchant who is a member of the Firewood Association of Australia Inc. (as Betta Burn is) is the best way to ensure that you get a quality product that will burn well. And you will be helping to prevent the unsustainable and illegal cutting of Australia’s precious native habitat.

All this adds up to good sense, both for you and for the environment. So always look for the FAA Mark, which identifies your “sustainable firewood” supplier.

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