Burning Firewood

A series of quick tips for getting the best results when starting your fire.
Burning Firewood - a guide

Quick tips for best results when burning firewood.

  • Make sure your wood is dry – wet wood burns poorly and emits more smoke
  • Light a fire using sufficient kindling to establish a hot fire quickly and open air vents fully
  • Use smaller logs to get the fire established
  • Run combustion heaters on a high burn rate for the first 20-25 minutes of operation
  • Don’t turn your fire down (i.e. limit air supply) until it is well established with red coals
  • Allow air to circulate between the logs by not overfilling the heater.
  • Use larger logs for slower burning once the fire is established
  • Don’t block the incoming air supply with logs
  • Rekindle the fire quickly with a bit of newspaper and small wood if the fuel load has burnt down to only a few glowing coals

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