Vintage Firewood

Our vintage firewood contains only Ironbark an Yellowbox species. Sourced from South west Queensland it is a high density wood that has been naturally seasoned in log form (generally 15 years or more). Vintage hardwood has a moisture content of 15-20%. Recommended for use in open fire places, combustion heaters, wood fired ovens and pizza […]

Burning Firewood

Burning firewood Make sure your wood is dry – wet wood burns poorly and emits more smoke Light a fire using sufficient kindling to establish a hot fire quickly and open air vents fully Use smaller logs to get the fire established Run combustion heaters on a high burn rate for the first 20-25 minutes […]

Storing Firewood

Storing Firewood Store wood in a well ventilate, covered location. A wood shed with an open side, preferably to the north, is best. If a woodshed is not available, wood stored in the open with a secured waterproof cover (e.g. a tarpaulin or corrugated iron) on top is the next best option. If possible store […]

Buying Firewood

To ensure you are getting the most from you firewood, you should always buy from a reputable merchant who complies with the national Code of Practice and is licensed by the Firewood Association of Australia Inc. to use its trade mark. Order your winter wood early. To beat the rush, it can be wise to […]

Greenhouse Benefits of Firewood

Warm your home without harming the planet Did you know that by using sustainably harvested firewood to heat your home you can help to reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions? A 2003 CSIRO study for the Australian Greenhouse Office showed that firewood produces the least amount of carbon dioxide of all heating energy sources. The report states, […]

Wood Moisture Content and Seasoning

Freshly harvested firewood usually contains a considerable amount of water. The amount of water in a piece of wood is calculated as a percentage of the oven dry weight of the wood itself. The oven dry weight of wood is measured after it has been heated to remove all moisture. The moisture content in green […]

Buying and Maintaining a Wood Heater

When purchasing a wood heater make sure that it complies with the current Australian Standard, which sets a maximum emission limit of 4g of particle pollution for each kg of wood burnt. Check the label on the heater and consider choosing a model with the lowest emission limit and the highest efficiency rating. Combustion type […]